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Active House digital platform
Based on the core concept of people-oriented, create a balance model of health and comfort and energy saving and environmental protection, and realize the core values of "universal, simple and universal" of Active House

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1. The origin of Active House

Building energy consumption up to about 40% of the total energy consumption of society, in response to the energy crisis from the 1970s, countries have introduced building energy efficiency standards, with the 70-90 years of environmental change, people realize the importance of energy saving and environmental protection buildings.

Since the 1990s, the concept of green building with sustainable as the core idea began to spread around the world. Different interest groups and people with different professional backgrounds have different understandings of green buildings, and the evaluation standards of green buildings in different countries also have different focuses. It is on the basis of reviewing and summarizing the fruitful results of international green building development that the ACTIVE HOUSE International Alliance launched the ACTIVE HOUSE building evaluation standard in 2011.

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2. What is Active House?

Active House is an internationally renowned building standard evaluation system originating in Europe. Active House refers to the whole life cycle of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the building, which puts the interests of users in the first place, takes the physical and mental Well-being of users as the first goal, and adopts the active perception and active adjustment ability of the building. A building that achieves a comprehensive balance of health and comfort, resource conservation and environmental protection.

In a broad sense, Active House is not only a standard system of architectural evaluation, but also a way of life and a universal, simple and universal value.

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Active House
evaluation system

The Active House evaluation system focuses on four aspects: comfort, energy, environment and initiative.

The building is evaluated from 9 evaluation indexes, and the performance level of the building in various aspects is represented by the size of the enclosed area of the radar map.

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Device Access

All kinds of intelligent sensors, full perception of building status, temperature and humidity, air quality, energy consumption, noise, production capacity, people, weather, smoke, illumination.

Advanced intelligent brain of active building, building state visualization, active reminder, active control.

Data Presentation

Three Simultaneous Display

Web, mobile, big screen

Index Evaluation

9 quantitative indicators,22 scoring indicators, out of the box, comprehensive assessment of building health status

Give an Alarm

SMS, Staples,Active House APP, large screen,Web

Intelligent Scene

Conditional Node

Architecture, function areas, time, outdoor weather and equipment status define the scene


Holidays, custom time, repeat execution

Equipment Control

Window, curtain, air conditioner, fresh air, air purifier, etc

Construction Management

Get a 360-degree view of the status of each floor of the main building

The relationship between the main function room and the independent function area is clear

Building administrator: manage building users, manage equipment, define intelligent scenarios, and manage building function areas

Building users: Control equipment, view equipment status, view building status, view function area



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