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End-2-end Cloud Platform

Cloud Contact Center product suite offers the one-stop shop for all scales of business with robust, scalable and secure contact center platform, telecommunication resources and with native and versatile cloud service and infrastructure integration.


Communication resources are the necessities of call center cloud services, and the key to integrating and controlling communication capabilities and services.

The system embeds and provides high quality communication resources around the globe.


Our Cloud Contact Center is built with high-quality voice services for customers to access the call center cloud platform's network, providing premium customer experiences.

Cloud Contact Center

Our Cloud Contact Center is built upon the native cloud architecture infrastructure and capabilities of various cloud platform components, the system is deployed on multiple mainstream cloud providers, providing the maximum compatibility, usability and high availability.

End-2-End Service

High availability and manageability of agent-side equipment is the last mile to achieve end-to-end full cloud services and ensure the service quality.

The Cloud Contact Center has built-in the versatile and comprehensive management console, providing operation transparency and efficiency.

Product Overview

The Cloud Contact Center software contains 3 core engines, each drives one of the main subsystems:

Contact Center System;

Communication & Resources;


Artificial Intelligence.

1. Contact Center System

The Cloud Contact Center is the latest generation of intelligent service platform from AsiaInfo International. The product suite adopts leading technologies and architectures that enhances the omni-channel and omni-media service capabilities, optimizes customer management and work order management, deeply integrates AI technologies & applications, The Cloud Contact Center is way beyond the baseline of modern customer contact centers in the market.


Compared with traditional customer service systems, cloud customer service has the characteristics of higher reliability, flexibility, and at the same time with lower overall costs. Similar to the IVR navigation function of the traditional voice call center, the popularization of online applications coincides with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, and the latest online customer service has integrated the capabilities of artificial intelligence robots to boost productivity and efficiency.

Concurrent Agents

Concurrent Calls
<100ms responding latency
<10 sec
onds recording latency

300 million
Calls / month
10 million calls per day
40 thousand in peak hour
3 billion minutes call per
35 million minutes for QC & inspection
5+ years of recording storage

420 days & counting
Time Between Failure
99.95% active HA
99.98% infrastructure availability

30 million
API Calls / month
211 Restful APIs
87 JS APIs
41 weekly updates per year
700+ new features per year

The Cloud Contact Center's leading technology & modern architecture are the foundation of the superior product capabilities and capacities with over 15 years of outstanding track records.


2Communication & Resources

The cloud-network integrated communication network architecture is the core capability that AsiaInfo has accumulated over the years in our Cloud Contact Center.  By integrating different network resources such as voice network, data network, the Internet and dedicated lines that comes from various network operators across the globe, The Cloud Contact Center ensures high-quality multimedia network communication and efficient operation for mission and business critical business systems of over hundreds of customers cross all scales of business.

CTI Cloud

Our Cloud Contact Center revolutionized the conventional telecommunication capabilities by transforming them into cloud virtualization features, making it a delightful experience to access communication capabilities from multiple CSPs seamlessly and effortlessly.

Telecommunication Resource Management

The Cloud Contact Center offer its unique 4+1 resource management capabilities, that focuses on connectivity, scheduling, availability and risk management with underlying resource pooling and management features. Its mission is to form a stable and highly available platform foundation where communication resources are connected and seamlessly integrated, giving enterprises outstanding data, security, and independent innovation capabilities to ensure operational service excellence.

Communication Central Hub

The Cloud Contact Center’s Communication Central Hub (CCH) is the platform core that centralizes the management capabilities of communication resources and related application technologies, CCH connects the business front-ends that reach customers with the back-office operations to ensure efficient use of communication resources and external capabilities to enable product and service innovation and customer response capabilities, while seamlessly connecting with other mid-tier businesses such as business, data, and AI.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AsiaInfo regards data and intelligence as its core competence for product build and its long-term development strategy. Since 2018, the deep integration of AI technology and product functions has achieved its commercial success, giving customers a higher level of vitality to the contact center in the fast pace competitions across over 100 industries.


The Cloud Contact Center collaborates with the best AI manufacturers in the industry, natively supports mainstream robot engines to realize intelligent voice robots and online customer service robots.

Human-machine Collaboration

The AI engine offers real-time analysis of the content of human-machine dialogue, dynamically identifies customer requirements, and when a clear sales lead appears, actively push it to the agent to accurately grasp the business opportunity in real time.


Our Cloud Contact Center has advanced built-in quality inspection engine, leveraging machine learning + full-text retrieval technology, content quality inspection of voice or online conversation content is performed in real-time, and automatic scoring is used to find issues in customer-side or agent-side of the communication.

Data Analytics

Use text clustering technology to mine text from voice or online conversations, automatically extract key information from conversations, and see potential problems in customer communication and business collaboration.

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