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Nordic CSP Digital Transformation



As a traditional telecommunications operator, the customer has gradually formed a comprehensive service provider that provides fixed broadband services, mobile services, network wholesale services, and third-party cooperative digital services through mergers and acquisitions between companies. The customer's biggest pain point:

  • The old support systems of various business lines are distributed in a chimney-like manner, with complex integration relationships and high operation and maintenance costs;

  • Each business line operates independently, making it difficult to integrate operations and promote new customers and markets;

  • low customer digital experience;

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Our Solution

To provide a unified customer experience and a flexible business portfolio, we have supported Customer in its transformation from a traditional carrier to a Digital Retailer based on Veris Suite:

  • Building a data-native infrastructure to achieve "moment of the truth" user perception

  • Internet-style user experience: "One Screen", "Single Version of Truth", "Radical Simplification"

  • Building an open platform to achieve open network capabilities and introduce third-party services;

  • From a single telecommunications product to a digital retailer of multiple digital services.

Our Service

AsiaInfo provides the comprehensive and professional managed service which allows customer to focus on developping their business and enhance their competitiveness and market position.

Support Groups

Maintenance & Support

The professional maintenance and support team at Asiainfo boasts rich experience and exceptional skills, capable of providing comprehensive maintenance and support services to operators. We ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system through regular inspections, monitoring, and preventative maintenance measures. Asiainfo's maintenance and support team works closely with operators to provide timely system upgrades and feature enhancements, ensuring that the system remains in optimal operational condition. We collaborate closely with operators to understand their evolving needs and ensure that the system not only meets their current requirements but also anticipates future growth and evolution.


Managed Service

AsiaInfo offers comprehensive managed operations services to the customer. By outsourcing daily operational management tasks to AsiaInfo's managed services, customer can only focus on the development of their core businesses. AsiaInfo has the professional management experience and skills to improve operational efficiency and quality, optimize business processes, enable operators to more effectively focus on core business development and innovation, and rapidly adapt to market changes and customer needs. This allows customer to enhance their competitiveness and market position.

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