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Our Cloud Contact Center is built upon cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, the product suite provides large-scale marketing platform solutions for companies with active outbound call needs, our Cloud Contact Center takes full advantage of enterprise big data assets, providing actionable customer insights and maximizes the business opportunities yielded from all customer interactions.

Deployment Flexibility

The Cloud Contact Center is offering one single set of code base with flexible deployment options that supports both centralized and distributed deployment, ranging from public cloud, virtual public cloud, private cloud and data center deployment, all cloud options offer quick launch.

Regardless of the deployment options, the management console offers unified management across all cloud deployment. Centralized, distributed and remote agents are able to access the system worldwide.

Smart Calling

The system offers flexible management of communication resources, effectively improving the connection rate therefore improving the overall efficiency and experiences, with number status detection, the system screens out abnormal numbers, and improves agent dialing efficiency.

AI Empowerment

The system offers the conversation assistant, intelligently recommending and crafting speech for the agents for reference. With cluster analysis and study of historical big data, the assistant empowers agents with powerful business capabilities and customer insights.

Instant Marketing

The customer service hotline 24 * 7 mobile terminal handles customer information, call records and recordings to seize business opportunities at all times. Social media management module provides sales leads in real-time, offering sales staff deep understanding of customer intention and requirements.

Key Features

To be able to build, operate and support a highly efficient digital campaign system, our Cloud Contact Center puts the best features together to facilitate your agents' work to achieve market acquisition.

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