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Smart Customer Service

Our Cloud Contact Center is fully integrated with the latest mainstream AI technologies, breaking through the traditional customer service model, the Cloud Contact Center implemented the one-stop smart customer service with omni-channel and omni-media for cloud-based contact centers, which effectively reduces enterprise costs, shortens implementation cycles, improves agent service efficiency, and optimizes customer service experience, ultimately delivers outstanding customer satisfaction for our clients.


More than 13 years of professional call center operation experience to ensure the quality and efficiency of communication services.



The capabilities to access to robots could effectively reduce corporate costs for managing contact centers. Speech and dialogue robot assistance greatly empowers agents to improve work efficiency and ability.

Omni-channel Collaboration

Phone, WeChat, App, webpage and other all-channel access. AsiaInfo Cloud Contact Center offers outstanding omni channel capabilities, providing features like non-interruptive voice switching to guarantee seamless communication. To the end users, the corporate services can be accessed through multiple channels, such as web portals, mobile apps, and mainstream social media channels for instant service.

High Availability

The customer service is fully accessible 24 * 7, the platform is setup with dual-active HA and  active multiple cloud deployment, at the same time, the circuit calls into the trunk are setup for multi-site deployment, offering remote disaster recovery.

Key Features

To be able to build, operate and support a highly efficient customer service system, AsiaInfo Cloud Contact Center puts the best features together to facilitate your agents' work to achieve service excellence.

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