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Active House digital platform

Based on the core concept of people-oriented, create a balance model of health and comfort and energy saving and environmental protection, and realize the core values of "universal, simple and universal" of Active House

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1. The Origin of Active House

Since the 1990s, the concept of green building with sustainability at its core began to spread worldwide. People from different interest groups and professional backgrounds had diverse understandings of green building, and each country had its own emphasis on green building assessment standards. The ACTIVE HOUSE International Alliance, based on an examination and summary of the fruitful achievements in international green building development, introduced the ACTIVE HOUSE building assessment standards in 2011.

Cabin in the Woods

2. What is Active House?

Active House, an internationally renowned architectural standard evaluation system originating in Europe, prioritizes user interests throughout the entire lifecycle of building design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Its primary objective is the well-being of users, with a focus on physical and mental well-being. Active House achieves a balance between health, comfort, resource conservation, and environmental protection through the building's active sensing and control capabilities.

In a broader sense, Active House is not just an architectural evaluation standard system but also a way of life—a universal, simple, and global set of values. The Active House evaluation system assesses buildings in four aspects: comfort, energy, environment, and proactivity. It uses nine evaluation indicators to gauge the building's performance across various dimensions, represented by the size of the enclosed area on a radar chart.

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3. Solution from Veris IOT Platform

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Device Integration

A variety of smart sensors provide comprehensive monitoring of building conditions, including temperature, humidity, air quality, energy consumption, noise, productivity, occupancy, weather, smoke, and illumination.

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Data Visualization

Synchronized data presentation on web, mobile, and large screens, along with device control. Based on the platform, it offers 9 quantitative indicators, 22 scoring indicators, ready to use, for a comprehensive assessment of building health status. Multiple channels for alerts, including SMS and email.


Smart Scenes

Define scene conditions based on building, functional area, time, outdoor weather, and device status. Execution conditions can be set based on time dimensions such as holidays, specific times, or recurring schedules. Control actions are defined based on device functions and properties.

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Building Management

A 360-degree comprehensive understanding of the status of various floors and functional areas of the main building, with operation boundaries differentiated between administrators and users through permission control.

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