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Veris IOT Platform

The Veris IoT platform is based on a universal IoT platform base, building various vertical scenario IoT applications for industry clients, breaking through the information barriers between people, things, and systems, empowering industry clients' digital transformation.

The platform's functions include the definition of the things model, integrate various IoT devices, cloud-to-cloud integration, rule engine, and data visualization. It serves as a solid foundation for building industrial IoT applications.

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1. Key Features

Why Veris IOT Platform fit your requirement.

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Utilizing mainstream modules/chips in the market, based on device capabilities, modules are developed to quickly connect devices to the platform, achieving intelligence.



Supports quick device integration into the platform through mainstream IoT protocols such as MQTT, LWM2M, CoAP, etc. The platform side is also compatible with various industry-specific IoT protocols, such as HJ212, among others.

Digital Network

Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

Supports connecting devices from other open IoT platforms to a proprietary platform via cloud-to-cloud integration, fulfilling the needs of industry applications and operations, and achieving interconnectivity and interoperability between clouds.


Flexible Integration

Utilize various interface forms to flexibly interface with the upstream and downstream systems of the industry, bridging the information silos between IT, CT, and OT, efficiently utilizing data to help the industry reduce costs, increase efficiency, and comply with regulations.

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Smart Scene

The platform natively provides a zero-code development tool for smart scene, allowing industry application developers to define and orchestrate various smart scenes based on actual industry scenarios, thereby achieving device intelligence.

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Data Visualization

Targeting industry scenarios, build highly simulated or real-scene 3D applications, deeply integrate in-depth analyzed data with virtual scenarios, and achieve a high-dimensional twinning of the real world.

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2. Device Management

Supports adding devices to the platform through mobile or web interfaces, monitoring the lifecycle of device activity, real-time monitoring of device metrics and attributes, as well as controlling device functions.

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Things Model

By abstracting the telemetry metrics, attributes, and functions of devices, they are defined as products on the platform. Devices can then synchronize data to the platform through the application layer protocol defined by the platform and achieve remote control of the devices.

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Device Management

Supports adding devices to the platform through mobile or web interfaces, and monitors the lifecycle of device activities, real-time monitoring of device metrics and attributes, as well as controlling device functions.

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Firmware Management

Uniformly manage various versions of device firmware, and upgrade the firmware of devices in batches through OTA. The platform provides a 360-degree panoramic view of firmware upgrades, monitoring the progress of the firmware upgrade process.

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Permission Management

The platform can control the permissions of customers and users from multiple dimensions such as platform functions, devices, and device data, according to actual business needs.

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3. Data Visualization

A good interactive interface helps users easily experience the value of digitalization. After analyzing data perceived from the real world, the data is fed back into a highly simulated visual model, allowing users to feel the connection between data and the real world, thereby facilitating mutual promotion between data and business.

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Digital Twin

The platform provides 2D and 3D components, which can be used to define the presentation of data based on actual needs and structured data.

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Mobile App

The platform can rapidly develop mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS based on business needs, supporting both outsourced operation of apps or self-operated apps.

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​Mini App

The platform supports the construction of the mini programs that enterprises need on major ecosystems such as WeChat, Alipay, DingTalk, and Feishu, and integrates them with the enterprise's IT systems.

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Web Portal

The platform provides a user-friendly web interface, making it easy for administrators of various roles to maintain the underlying platform and business applications.

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4. App Building

The data generated by devices is never isolated; its generation is inevitably strongly related to the industry and scenario in which it operates. To make digital data valuable for businesses, we need to deeply integrate IoT device data into industry-specific use cases, empowering enterprise digitalization. The platform offers a wealth of battle-tested components for business modeling and data intelligence, enabling rapid implementation of business applications based on specific business scenarios.

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Business Modeling

The platform provides a flexible business model construction tool. After completing the business entity analysis, it is possible to rapidly implement the data model, APIs, and management interfaces for core business entities through configuration.

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Business Implementation

The platform uses a low-code rule engine to quickly preprocess device data and associate it with business entities. This enables the use of data analysis tools to rapidly perform statistical analysis on various business data.

3D Printed Models


After transforming device data into business-oriented data, you can use the zero-code tools provided by the platform to design intelligent scenarios and control devices based on business scenarios, thus achieving unattended automation.

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The platform provides alerts based on business objects or devices, allowing custom alert rules and supporting multiple alert methods such as SMS, email, and message notifications.

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