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Full MVNO Enablement

AsiaInfo Full MVNO Enablement Solution offers end-to-end FULL MVNO business operation support solutions, covering 4G/5G core network, converged billing system, unified product configuration center, customer management, order processing and business operation platform, and provides flexible interfaces which integrate with global payment.

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After years of development, the global MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) business continues to innovate and presents a new development trend. From the initial mobile service reseller to Light MVNO, mature MVNO has gradually established its own brand and customer base. Innovation in the industry has gradually shifted from voice services to traffic services with the replacement of communication technologies and the extension of communication services. MVNO will continue to expand into consumer electronics, vertical industries and other IoT-related fields, transform into data services and corporate markets, and continue to expand into new areas.

Dish Antenna

Key Requirements

The expansion of new services requires MVNO player to:


1. Have more autonomy and flexibility in network operations and business operations.


2. It needs full MVNO with its own HLR, core network and business operation support system, so as to formulate its own unique business development strategy and provide unique service.


Full MVNO Enablement Solution

AsiaInfo Full MVNO Solution fully supports all the business activities covering the overall customer lifecycle management from business acceptance to revenue recognition, which significantly help MVNOs to improve the flexibility of network operations, develop new services more quickly, and greatly enhance the competitiveness of their brands.

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AsiaInfo FULL MVNO enabler solution is a pre-integrated end-to-end solution that can provide customers with turn-key business support solutions. MVNO can also choose modules to build their own business support systems according to their own business needs.

Digital Network Cables


Simple and convenient channels for customer to access his data.

Call Center Headset

Customer Care

Customer Profile management and order handling which provides the create, modify and delete function of the Customer, Account, User and Subscription.

Network Hub and Cable

Resource Management

Resource management provides SIM ordering process management and MSISDN, IMSI management.

Yen Bills and Coins

Billing Engine

Convergent Billing function supports the typical prepay and postpaid business. Standard API provides the convenient integration with mainstream CRM vendors and Network elements providers.

Core Network

AsiaInfo also focuses on developing a cloud-native and converged core, running on standardized software and supporting 3G, 4G, 5G technologies for deployments in licensed, unlicensed or shared spectrum, and in private networks.

Home Subscriber Storage

AsiaInfo HSS includes EPC and IMS storage functions. It features distributed structure and modular design, and supports many reliability functions.

IP Multimedia Subsystem

IMS provides IP multimedia services to customers, including voice call, video call(VoLTE) and messages. The IMS products offer a stabler voice and video call than 2G/3G core network.

Mobility Management Entity

AsiaInfo Mobility Management Entity (MME) represents the control plane for the User Equipments(UEs) to access the 4G LTE, or EPS network. Carrier Grade MME can be NFV element.

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Service Gateway & Packet Data Network Gateway

AsiaInfo XGW include SGW and PGW. Both of these two elements can be deployed as virtualized element. The SGW and PGW functions could be realized as a single network element.

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5G Core Network

5GC has higher compatibility and speed. Smooth upgrade from EPC to 5GC. Lower set up fee. Free training and quotation.

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