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The Open RAN (ORAN) technology is a revolutionary wireless communication architecture aimed at achieving openness, flexibility, and scalability in networks. Its openness and flexibility reduce costs, enabling the technology to adapt to diverse geographical and environmental conditions, providing feasible network solutions for remote areas. The introduction of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies enhances network management efficiency and reduces operational costs. Additionally, the self-building and maintenance features of ORAN technology empower local communities to independently construct and manage network infrastructure, offering sustainable development possibilities for Internet access in digitally underserved areas. Veris Cloud BSS, tailored for ORAN infrastructure scenarios, delivers a comprehensive end-to-end monetization solution, assisting ORAN CSPs in optimizing their ORAN networks' operations.

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In today's digital era, the internet has become a crucial tool for information transmission, communication, and knowledge acquisition. However, there are still many places in the world, particularly small islands and remote mountainous regions, where residents are unable to enjoy the convenience of the internet due to a lack of network coverage. These areas lacking network coverage often find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide, unable to stay synchronized with the global information society. This disconnection hinders residents in these areas from accessing timely information, impacting their daily lives, education, and economic development. In order to address this situation, the use of Open RAN (ORAN) technology has emerged as an innovative solution.

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Key Requirements

The following are the most crucial factors that ORAN operators need to consider when selecting a BSS system:


1. Having end-to-end operational capabilities and the ability to deliver standardized products quickly is the optimal choice for ORAN operators.


2. In scenarios such as community and island operations, where the user base of ORAN operators is relatively small, it is essential for the BSS system to have ultra-low CAPEX.

​3. Due to limited IT investment by ORAN operators, it is crucial for the BSS system to be simple and easy to use and maintain.

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ORAN CSP Enablement Solution

Asiainfo ORAN BSS solution achieves pre-integration with ORAN vendors and standard interfaces of the core network. Tailored for O-RAN operator scenarios, the solution streamlines extensively, enabling rapid deployment and delivery on ultra-low hardware requirements. This allows users to quickly familiarize themselves with the system, facilitating efficient operations and maintenance tasks through an intuitive Operations and Control (O&C) interface.


Asiainfo ORAN BSS delivers end-to-end BSS functionality for customers, covering customer, resource, and order management to service activation. Customers can easily configure packages through an intuitive product management interface. The system provides online charging and recharge functionalities for monetization, while also enhancing user experience through self-service options across various channels.

Key Features

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For scenarios like 4G/5G mobile and FWA within ORAN, Asiainfo ORAN BSS provides Online Charging System (OCS) and Charging Function (CHF) to enable real-time charging for 4G and 5G services.

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Product Catalog

The system offers a user-friendly product configuration interface, allowing customers to configure products for various scenarios such as main plans, ADD-ONs, One Time Fees, etc., within minutes. It also enables management of product sales channels, versions, and availability status.

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Order Management

Customers can initiate new connections through the Mobile App and Agentview, while operators can also perform pre-activation and sell through channel partners. Asiainfo's ORAN BSS Order Management facilitates common business scenarios such as new connection, add-on, change offer, change SIM , and more.

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Asiainfo provides eSIM platform integrated within the BSS system, enabling end-to-end lifecycle management of eSIM. It facilitates information synchronization with the eSIM platform in core business processes.

Network Infrastructure 

Asiainfo, together with its ecosystem partners, offers end-to-end O-RAN solutions for O-RAN operators, covering ORAN base stations, 4/5G core networks, and BSS.

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Our solution provides from FL700MHz, TL2300MHz to NR2600MHz multi-layer coverage RAN products.

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EPC includes HSS,MME,SGW and PGW. Both of these elements can be deployed as virtualized elements. The SGW and PGW functions could be realized as a single network element.

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5GC has higher compatibility and speed. Smooth upgrade from EPC to 5GC. Lower set up fee. Free training and quotation.

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IMS provides IP multimedia services to customers, including voice call, video call(VoLTE) and messages. The IMS products offer a stabler voice and video call than 2G/3G core network.

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