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Veris Suite

Asiainfo Veris Suite, is a comprehensive BSS solution that provides a digital-first experience and enables customers to simplify their business and IT transformation. It offers features like One Screen and Single version of Truth experience, advanced 5G and IoT monetization, and convergent billing experience.

With over 30 years of success and innovation in the BSS industry, Asiainfo is recognized as the global leader in BSS solutions. Veris BSS services and solutions served more than 1 billion subscribers worldwide.

Veris BSS services and solutions assist in launching new products, collecting and growing revenue, expanding partner ecosystems, and delivering world-class customer experiences.

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Veris Suite - Delivering New Levels of Agility for Digital, 5G, and Beyond

  • Cloud-native, no/low code platform designed for digital, 5G and convergent services

  • Supports B2C, B2B and B2B2X customers as well as supporting new vertical markets 

  • No/low code configuration over customisation approach enables significant cost and time-to-market savings

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1. End-to-End Digital BSS

Veris Suite automates business processes to support the entire customer lifecycle from discovery, shopping, ordering and billing to payment and maintenance. It supports traditional, next-generation and value-added B2B2X services from day one. Veris Suite enables access to new revenue sources in a digital world while accelerating time to launch and scaling new lines of business, such as IoT, 5G, cloud applications and virtualized services.

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Mobile Phone

Mobile App

Configurable digital experience to build a convenient way for customers to access and manage their data.

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Customer Engagement

Powerful and configurable tool-suite for daily sales and customer care with 360 visibility. Enhances omnichannel customer journeys through a consolidated, real-time customer profile, automated quotation and ordering, proactive case management, unified service quality reporting and personalized loyalty programs.

Sale Branding

B2B Sales

Lean and telco-optimized sales flow for telco B2B sales teams with smooth integration to product catalog and order management

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Product Catalog

Visual & powerful commercial catalog for rapid and efficient product management. Implements centralized management of traditional, digital and partner-based offerings with dynamic management of the product lifecycle.

Online Shopping from Home

Order Management

Veris APPEngine-framework-based order management for efficient, catalog-driven business with high transparency and traceability.

Stock Exchange

Revenue Management

Proven billing management with pre-integrations to leading 5G charging systems for today’s and the future’s monetization needs. Utilizes fully convergent, carrier-grade charging and billing capabilities for all lines of business.

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2. For Mobile and Fibre for B2B and B2C

Solar Operations


Quickly develop and launch new processes, business models, and offers while delivering the best customer experience at all touchpoints.



Deliver a digital-first experience for fixed-line broadband customers, increasing revenue opportunities, driving down costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.



Provide digital engagement channels for B2B customers, increase customer satisfaction, and remove legacy costs.

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