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"Igniting the power of the cloud native BSS".

AsiaInfo International

About AsiaInfo International

We are native cloud BSS provider.

We've been in the BSS business since 1993.

From BSS, not only BSS, Cloud Contact Center, IoT, P5G are our strong suits.

AsiaInfo was founded in 1993, AsiaInfo embarked the international journey since 2007. Over the past decade, AsiaInfo International has established concrete client base across continents, cultures and IT barricades.

In recent years, AsiaInfo International offers not only conventional on-premise BSS to large telco operators, but also started leveraging native cloud to bring the mega carrier grade systems and features to various scales of businesses, and to a wider range of industries way beyond the telco world.

Proudly Present

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Cloud Contact Center

"Everything, for better customer engagement."

- AsiaInfo International

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About Veris Cloud Contact Center

The Cloud Contact Center product suite is one of the best offerings from AsiaInfo International, the suite offers cross industry contact center functions with the latest technologies, its sole mission is to bring the best customer experiences and staff productivity to your business.

The Cloud Contact Center solutions are proven solutions, serving over 60,000 concurrent agent grants among our over 1,000 clients. The system offers our clients business upper hand with its core capabilities of ever evolving product features, modern architectures and unparalleled performance. The system brings the best combination of mature technologies in customer experience domain and the proven capabilities and capacity in serving various industries, delivering the outstanding business value and performance to our clients’ ecosystem.

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Product Overview

Cloud Contact Center

The Cloud Contact Center product suite offers the one-stop shop for all scales of business with robust, scalable and secure contact center platform, telecommunication resources and with native and versatile cloud service and infrastructure integration.

Solution Overview

Smart Customer Service

Our Cloud Contact Center is fully integrated with the latest mainstream AI technologies, breaking through the traditional customer service model, AsiaInfo Cloud Contact Center implemented the one-stop smart customer service with omni-channel and omni-media for cloud-based contact centers, which effectively reduces enterprise costs, shortens implementation cycles, improves agent service efficiency, and optimizes customer service experience, ultimately delivers outstanding customer satisfaction for our clients.

Solution Overview

Intelligent Digital


The Cloud Contact Center is built upon cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, the product suite provides large-scale marketing platform solutions for companies with active outbound call needs, AsiaInfo Cloud Contact Center takes full advantage of enterprise big data assets, providing actionable customer insights and maximizes the business opportunities yielded from all customer interactions.

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