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Veris Lite

A streamlined 5G billing platform in native cloud

Veris Lite, AsiaInfo’s latest offering of cloud-native billing platform, provides the most up-to-date micro-service architectures in most mainstream container technologies, helps you to automate and modernize your services and offerings.

Glass Buildings

Cloud Native

Veris Lite takes full advantage of cloud infrastructures of openness, agility and cost effectiveness in 4G and 5G networks.

Communication Tower

5G Readiness

Veris Lite enables CSPs to create, rollout and accelerate 5G monetization business with pre-integrated or commercially available 5G core networks.

Work Desk

Veris Lite empowers CPSs to operate with fully automated and streamlined service management CI/CD.

Open Book

Unified Product Catalog

Veris Lite assists CPS staff to optimize marketing and sales business workflows with professional and easy to use product catalog.

Phone App


Veris Lite offers the flexibility and capacity for CSP staff to create and deliver simplicity, efficiency and mobility to customers with user friendly experiences.

Open APIs

Build a fully open ecosystem with industry standard Open APIs.


5G brings the fast paced competitions to a whole new level, one on side, 5G requires the underlying technologies to be more efficient and cost effective, but at the same time, with more sophistication to really reveal the true potential of the network capabilities, and ignite the new monetization models and revenue stream.

The latest Veris Lite platform conceals the sophistications under a layer of user friendly facade for both end customers and operator’s marketing and IT staffs.

With AsiaInfo’s telecommunication expertise in the past decades, we bring you industry leading billing capabilities and best practice DevOps, on top of all these, we are also sharing our expertise and insights with industrial organizations, actively engaging with Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) and Telemanagement Forum (TM Forum).

In late 2020, Veris Lite system is certified by TM Forum with the latest Open API Conformance certification program.


AsiaInfo is working closely with strong partnerships globally, bringing the latest generation of billing platform to our clients around the world, lately, AsiaInfo International has officially partnered up with Salesforce to push the cloud billing platform to a larger audience through AppExchange, reaching out to more customers in beyond the telco world.

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