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Veris Cloud BSS

Veris Cloud BSS is the most recent BSS offering from AsiaInfo International, it is built from the ground up with modern architecture and made available on mainstream cloud services. Our Cloud BSS is enabling our CSP clients being fully capable of designing marketing plans, managing subscribers, and deploying services in whole new ways — without having to install any software on premise, without deploying and managing enterprise software in the conventional ways.

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1. What key features does

Veris Cloud BSS offer?

Veris Cloud BSS offers the best available features on the public cloud, natively supports main stream cloud service providers.

Image by Sergi Kabrera
Communication Tower

2. Who are benefiting

from Veris Cloud BSS?

Veris Cloud BSS benefits a wide range of clients, including telecommunication operators of all scales and enterprises who operate on a subscription model.

Network Hub and Cable

Network Provider / MVNE

Deploy the Veris Cloud BSS in Private Cloud or Public Cloud.

Connect with Network Provider Core Network and local payment agency.


Provide the Network Service and BSS service to light/Full MVNO.

Digital Network Cables

Light / Full MVNO

Apply the account in Veris Cloud BSS.


Setup and configure the tenant for the operator.


Provide the mobile service, subscription, self-care, bill and Payment service to Customer.

Mobile Phone

New ORAN Operator

Apply the account in Veris Cloud BSS or deploy on the operator's private cloud.


Setup and configure the business process for the Operator.


Provide the subscription, Self-care, Bill and Payment service to Customer.

Image by Markus Spiske

3. Cloud Native

Veris Cloud BSS is built upon up-to-date micro-service technologies and mainstream container technologies, which underpins the system to be fully capable of evolving with modern IT setup among the digital ecosystems.


Cloud native also strongly promotes the DevOps capacity of Veris Cloud BSS, improving the delivery quality and operation efficiency for all AsiaInfo clients globally, alongs side with our Open API capacity, AsiaInfo provides the agile and easy integrations.

Cloud native beefs up Veris Cloud BSS with major technological advancement characteristics.

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